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32x32 pixel food & dish icons.

format: .png

----------------------------------- Menu -----------------------------------

  • apple pie / +dish
  • bread / +dish
  • baguette / +dish
  • bun / +dish
  • bacon / +dish
  • burger / +dish / +napkin
  • burrito / +dish
  • bagel / +dish
  • cheese cake/ +dish
  • cheese puffs/ +bowl
  • chocolate/ +dish
  • cookies/ +dish
  • chocolate cake/ +dish
  • curry/ +dish
  • donuts/ +dish
  • dumplings/ +dish
  • fried egg/ +dish
  • egg salad/ +bowl
  • egg tart/ +dish
  • french fries/ +dish
  • fruit cake/ +dish
  • garlic bread/ +dish
  • giant gummy bear/ +dish
  • gingerbread man/ +dish
  • hotdog/ +dish
  • ice cream/ +bowl
  • jelly/ +dish
  • jam/ +dish
  • lemon pie/ +dish
  • loaf bread/ +dish
  • mac n cheese/ +dish
  • meat ball/ +dish
  • nacho/ +dish
  • omelet/ +dish
  • pudding/ +dish
  • potato chips/ +bowl
  • pancake/ +dish
  • pizza/ +dish
  • popcorn/ +bowl
  • roast chicken/ +dish
  • ramen
  • salmon/ +dish
  • strawberry cake/ +dish
  • sandwich/ +dish
  • spaghetti
  • steak/ +dish
  • sushi/ +dish
  • taco/ +dish
  • waffle/ +dish
  • dish/ dish pile/ bowl


You can use it anywhere, including commercial use.

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Tags2D, 32, dish, Food, free, Icons, meal, pixel, Pixel Art


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Very very nice thank you

Oh my god, so pretty! Thank you so much. 

Nice, 5 stars.

License of use?


It's CC0.

Thanks , its cool

I've featured some of your art in the first level of my tower defense game:  https://megabyte-games.itch.io/super-pixel-defense

I love your work, thank you!

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You so nice!

Thank you so much!!

thank you!

Nice, I will make a clicker game with it please check me out. On scratch https://scratch.mit.edu/users/MaryBarbie_/  ☺

Hey man I am using your spritesheet for my love2d game jam

Perfect for my game, thanks!

These are so so cute! Thank you! Using them for personal use on my Notion pages :-)

thank you!

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I have created a clicker game using your asset, thank you very much


Thanks! They are beautiful. We want to use it for our game.


So cute and neat! I make Stardew Valley free mod using this asset. Ofc I left credit. Thank you for this work! https://kayainsdv.postype.com/post/10378364

Some great art! Is this CC0 (no attribution required) or something else?

Thanks! It's CC0. 

Great variety!


I am seriously surprised that this is free...


These are great!


Great pixel ! Thank you


So cute! Great work!!