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Thank you


Great pack, but why no onions ? :)

Hi! I was wondering where I might be able to reach out to you?

Please email me at

I recommend you to add 32x32 tag, if it is 32x32 size

So is it CC0?


You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art

Thank you for your kind explanation! now I added it :)

You can leave a comment here to support my proposal about making metadata visible for those who are interested in it

this is yes

I love it! Just think it's missing size of each icon. It's 48x48? 

Sorry for the late reply. The size of each icon is 32x32.


thank you so much.Wish have a great everydays!

Thank you!

Thank you


I used this in my last jam game. Thank you for your work on this!

Keep up the work i love it



Both of your asset packs are just so visually appealing, these are so great thank you. I can't wait to see more

Thank You! i used this sprite in my game:

The asset pack blew my mind! <3

Hi, I used some of your resources in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

I really love these and am totally using them in the little RPG I'm working on!
Would it be okay if I made some small edits though? Like, changing some of the colors to make different items? I'll still credit you, of course :)

Yes, you can edit it as much as you need. Use it freely!

ooooo I can imagine the cool little vending machine clicker I can make out of these suckers already, thanks for sharing! Fantastic work :)

Always love more map clutter :)  keep it up!

I love your assets! Keep up the great work!

Wow! All these for free?! You're very generous! I wish I was financially comfortable enough to financially support you, for real.