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Welcome to the Pixel Mart! 

Grab a basket and take the "free credit card" what we prepared ;)

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[Foods] -------------------------------------------------

American cheese / banana / bell pepper / butter / butter(red pack)

cabbage / candy bar / cereal / cookies / cooking oil / eggs / fish

flour / fruit cocktail / grape soda / green apple / green grape

jam(strawberry) / ketchup / meat / milk / mushroom / mustard

orange juice / peanut butter / plain yogurt / potato / potato chip

red apple / red grape / salmon / sausage / snack / strawberry

strawberry ice cream / strawberry jam / watermelon

white cheese / wine(white) / wine(red) / sliced bread / olive oil

tuna can / milk chocolate / yellow ice cream / coffee bag / soft drink

barbeque sauce / water / dry dog food  / energy bar / hot cocoa mix

marshmallows / bacon / bubble gum / salt / sugar / baking powder

[Kitchen/Bathroom/Stationery/Others] --------------------------------------------

basket  / rubber duck  / rubber ducktopus  / bathroom cleaner / toilet paper

scrub sponge / kitchen soap / soap / cleaning brush / scrub brush / toothbrush

toothpaste / hand sanitiser / sun cream(tube) / wax / detergent / aluminum foil

body lotion / glue / glue stick / scissors / wet wipe / bandage box / power strip

light bulb / light bulb box / pencil box / ball pen / eraser / batteries

kitchen knife set / frying pan / whisk / bowl / spatula / teakettle

chopping board / rolling pin / cleaning gloves

[Checkout] -------------------------------------------------

credit card / receipt / paper bag


32x32 Mart Pixel Icons

format: .png

This asset is free to download and commercial use allowed,  but if you support us, the LONG GINGER COOKIE comes to you and sprinkle sugar on your pillow. (Do not panic. It  just want to blessing you.)

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(45 total ratings)
Tags2D, Food, Icons, market, mart, Pixel Art
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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Thank you


Great pack, but why no onions ? :)

Hi! I was wondering where I might be able to reach out to you?

Please email me at kcsummoner@gmail.com

I recommend you to add 32x32 tag, if it is 32x32 size

So is it CC0?


You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art

Thank you for your kind explanation! now I added it :)

You can leave a comment here to support my proposal about making metadata visible for those who are interested in it https://itch.io/t/2919128/metadata-encouragement#post-7952450

this is yes

I love it! Just think it's missing size of each icon. It's 48x48? 

Sorry for the late reply. The size of each icon is 32x32.


thank you so much.Wish have a great everydays!

Thank you!

Thank you


I used this in my last jam game. Thank you for your work on this!

Keep up the work i love it



Both of your asset packs are just so visually appealing, these are so great thank you. I can't wait to see more

Thank You! i used this sprite in my game:


The asset pack blew my mind! <3

Hi, I used some of your resources in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

I really love these and am totally using them in the little RPG I'm working on!
Would it be okay if I made some small edits though? Like, changing some of the colors to make different items? I'll still credit you, of course :)

Yes, you can edit it as much as you need. Use it freely!

ooooo I can imagine the cool little vending machine clicker I can make out of these suckers already, thanks for sharing! Fantastic work :)

Always love more map clutter :)  keep it up!

I love your assets! Keep up the great work!

Wow! All these for free?! You're very generous! I wish I was financially comfortable enough to financially support you, for real.